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Singapore is the world’s 3rd-largest foreign exchange centre, 6th-largest financial centre, 2nd-largest casino gambling market, 3rd-largest oil-refining and trading centre, largest oil-rig producer and hub for ship repair services, and largest logistics hub. The economy is diversified, with its top contributors being financial services, manufacturing, and oil-refining. Its main exports are refined petroleum, integrated circuits, and computers, which constituted 27% of the country’s GDP in 2010. Other significant sectors include electronics, chemicals, mechanical engineering, and biomedical sciences. Singapore was ranked 7th in the Global Innovation Index in 2022.


We are Authorised Student Recruitment Representative of Academies Australasia College.
Academies Australasia College (AAC) is a leading education provider in Singapore, offering Certificate in English courses, Singapore Government School Preparatory courses, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses and Top-up degree programmes. AAC is a part of the Academies Australasia Group.
Established in 1908, Academies Australasia has been operating for more than 114 years. It has a long and successful experience in education – going back in excess of 50 years.
Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) over 42 years ago, it is Australia’s longest listed education group. Public listed status means that apart from having to meet the well regarded and carefully supervised standards of the education sector, Academies Australasia colleges must also comply with the strict financial and reporting regulations of the ASX.
Academies Australasia colleges offer more than 200 qualifications to about 14,000 students across campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Dubbo – in 5 states in Australia. We also have a college in Singapore which offers Australian-standard courses.